Stakeholder Management


Who should attend?

In-house resourcing professionals and members of in-house resourcing teams.

What's it about?

This course is designed specifically for In-House Recruitment teams who want to effectively manage stakeholders by extracting the required information, pushing back to the business when required and promoting themselves as trusted Business Consultants to the wider organisation.

Delegates will be trained to identify different personality types and learn influencing skills to develop better relationships with key stakeholders in the business.

The primary focus of our Stakeholder Management course is to improve relationships and communication channels between the Recruiting Team and the Hiring Managers; which in turn will increase the awareness and credibility of the internal resourcing function.

How long does it take?

This is a one day course, held at your premises or a venue of your choice from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

What will be achieved?

  • Effectively identify, manage and influence internal stakeholders
  • Work more effectively with the business
  • Increase visibility and credibility of the in-house team to the wider business
  • Reduce time and cost per hire

What's included?

  • Pre-course preparation
  • Comprehensive training manuals
  • Certificates of completion
  • Training report (including delegate feedback)
  • Post course support
  • Training review (after 8 weeks)

Session 1

  • Scene setting: What does best practice in Stakeholder Management look like?
  • Overcoming obstacles: What challenges do the recruiting team face? What are the solutions?
  • Building-in the candidate experience: What are the candidate and stakeholder touch points during the recruitment process?
  • Creating and getting buy-in of a Recruitment Charter (for internal use only)

Session 2

  • Understanding different people – The importance of individual differences and influencing in different ways.
  • Different strategies – Different influencing strategies and their best usage.
  • Behaviors that make the strategies work – Applying requisite leadership skills for influencing and managing stakeholders, to gain commitment.
  • Dealing effectively with challenging behaviours to overcome resistance.
  • Using knowledge and competence to influence others.
  • How to constructively push back against the business effectively.

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